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Faith and Grey Hair Extensions was founded by Ricky and Latonya Davis. The couple resides from the gritty streets of Trenton, NJ. They possess the ambition and determination to succeed in a cut throat society. They've been traveling this journey together for nine years and together they decided to take a risk and bet on "Black Love & Business." 

Ricky and Latonya decided to name their company "Faith and Grey' in honor of the the daughter and son they will one day have on their path to creating generational wealth.  

Latonya is a current military veteran with a little less than 20 years of service in the United States Military. She decided to go into the military straight out of high school and graduated from American Allied University in 2015. Ricky recently finished serving a 10-year sentence in the United States Federal prison. Ricky began his new chapter in life approximately 3 years ago. He is a Forklift driver at Morton Salt who decided that his past life would NOT become a part of their future. Ricky went from mastering the drug game, to applying that same knowledge into the hair industry.  

The couple decided to enter into the hair market because, Latonya has a hair fetish. She loves wigs, weaves, and extensions so much that the couple decided they should invest into something he likes her to wear and something she loves to buy.

Together, they decided to reach for a higher level of success and become their own bosses. 



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